Holistic Treatment

Holistic medicine, also known as alternative or complementary medicine, has seen a spike in popularity as more and more people feel that holistic treatment options allow them to be pro-active in taking care of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Silvermist encourages participation in holistic therapies for those who feel that such practices improve overall personal health and well-being.

The environment at Silvermist also encourages holistic practices such as meditation and yoga. Several acres of beautiful, well-manicured landscape offer a chance to get away from it all and provide the perfect setting for quiet thought and individual reflection. Clients can take advantage of the property’s walking paths, hammocks, saltwater pool, patio, and other outdoor relaxation areas. We also have a fitness center on-site for our clients’ use.

Clients who focus on diet as part of their holistic treatment regimen can submit any dietary requests to Silvermist’s on-site executive chef.

BioSound Healing Therapy

Silvermist offers BioSound Healing Therapy through our BioLounge. BioSound Healing Therapy integrates biofeedback, music therapy, sound frequency massage, and guided imagery selections designed to address the fear, guilt, shame, and other emotional traumas associated with addiction. A BioLounge is a vibrational reclining platform constructed with memory foam and consisting of audio and visual features that induce a theta level meditative state, helping clients overcome deep-rooted negative thought and behavior patterns while encouraging relaxation and healing.

Benefits of BioSound Healing Therapy include:

  • Improved heart rhythms
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Increased emotional regulation and reaction
  • Improved breathing
  • Improvement in relationships
  • Overall improvement in quality of life and general health

For more information about the BioLounge and BioSound Healing Therapy, visit www.biosoundhealing.com.