Silvermist Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare planning at Silvermist is a joint effort between the client and their primary therapist. To achieve the most successful change at sustained recovery, the client must have a plan that they are willing to follow upon discharge from the program. Therapists and other staff help guide the client by giving them resources and suggestions as to what path may work best for them. All aftercare plans are designed to meet the individual’s specific needs, and each Silvermist aftercare treatment plan includes:

  • A housing option (sober living options are strongly encouraged)
  • Outpatient follow-up care for all client needs (substance abuse, mental health, physical health)
  • A list of 12-step programs in the area where the client chooses to reside

Our staff is well-versed in the differences between housing options and will thoroughly investigate the benefits of each housing opportunity available to the client.

We urge all clients to take an active part in the aftercare planning process. If the client wishes, staff will also include the client’s family members in the aftercare procedure.

Within seven days of completion of the Silvermist program, clients can anticipate a follow up call from staff who will ask if the client has experienced any issues with initiating their aftercare plan. Further resources and support will be provided as needed.

We encourage former clients to call Silvermist at (724) 481-1284 at any time if they need additional support, or just to check in.