Our Approach to Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment

At Silvermist, our philosophy is that every young adult suffering with a substance use disorder is capable of revitalization, persistent change and autonomy in adulthood when given the tools and support to thrive. Through an evidence-based and holistically integrated curriculum, you will receive the necessary therapy and tools to begin your transformative journey toward recovery from addiction. 

Our treatment approach focuses on understanding each client’s unique needs and providing cutting-edge drug treatment in order to enhance abilities, recognize harmful attributes and diminish addictive traits and behaviors. With 18 support staff and a 1:5 clinician-to-client ratio, we give you unparalleled individual attention through a customized treatment plan specifically tailored for you. 

A Program Built for Young Adults

As a young adult alcohol and drug treatment center, our entire program and curriculum have been built to address the biological, social, psychological and developmental needs of young adults. Learn what makes our young adult treatment different.

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Addiction is so often deeply rooted in one’s early life experiences. Our trauma-focused approach to care helps to address the underlying trauma present in over two-thirds of individuals struggling with addiction, while also providing the tools you need to live a sober life as you heal.

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Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders 

Opioid abuse continues to rise in the young adult population, and overdose from prescription drugs, heroin and fentanyl has now become the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Our team recognizes the importance of providing the foundation for a lasting recovery, especially since the consequences of any relapse can be severe. 

Silvermist uses a combination of cognitive behavioral and skills-based therapies to help you recognize triggers and how they impact negative behaviors. Family education and engagement is stressed throughout, and medication-assisted therapy is thoughtfully integrated into treatment planning when appropriate to ensure a successful transition back to your life once you leave out treatment center. 

    Holistic Treatment Approach 

    The undeniable link between mind and body makes it crucial to effectively address both during your stay at our inpatient drug rehab. Improving one facet can drastically help to improve the other in working toward both physical and emotional well-being.

    Clients at Silvermist benefit from an integrated health and wellness therapeutic regimen that includes:

    BioSound Healing Therapy

    Silvermist offers BioSound Healing Therapy through our BioLounge. BioSound  Healing Therapy integrates biofeedback, music therapy, sound frequency massage and guided imagery selections designed to address any trauma from your past.

    The BioLounge in our inpatient drug rehab is a vibrational reclining platform constructed with memory foam and consisting of audio and visual features that induce a theta-level meditative state This type of therapy helps clients overcome deep-rooted negative thoughts and behavior patterns while encouraging relaxation and healing.

    Benefits of BioSound Healing:

    • Improved heart rhythms
    • Reduction in stress and anxiety
    • Increased emotional regulation and reaction
    • Improved breathing
    • Improvement in relationships
    • Overall improvement in quality of life and general health

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    Family Program

    Family involvement is a vital component of long-lasting recovery. Your family members are encouraged to regularly participate in educational and counseling services at our drug rehabilitation center. Weekend schedules are geared toward family visits and include programs for support and education. You and your family members can contact clinical staff for advice and assistance about all aspects of treatment. 

    Silvermist offers weekly family sessions by phone and in person.  We also offer a monthly Family Day on the first Saturday of every month to provide education and support for family members. See the schedule below to see how we involve family in treatment.

    8:30am–9:00am: Continental breakfast and visitation
    9:00am–9:30am: Introductions and ice breaker
    9:45am–10:30am: Yoga
    10:30am–10:45am: Break
    10:45am–12:00pm: Process groups with therapists
    12:00pm–1:00pm: Lunch and tour
    1:00pm–2:00pm: Disease Model of Addiction
    1. Concepts of the Disease Model of Addiction
    2. MAT – How it works
    2:00pm–2:15pm: Break
    2:15pm–3:45pm: Recovery environment group with clients and family
    3:45pm–5:00pm: Visitation time
    5:00pm: Dinner
    6:30pm: Departure time

    Addressing Mental Health Issues

    Effectively addressing mental health issues plays a crucial role in addiction recovery.

    Our therapists use the most effective treatment approaches to help with your journey to better mental health.

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health

    The multi-disciplinary team at Silvermist has experience and comfort treating a variety of co-occurring mental health conditions that often require attention during treatment.

    Our psychiatrist works closely with our licensed clinical staff to come up with a comprehensive plan, often including multiple individual therapy sessions per week and monitoring of the appropriate medications. 

    Silvermist Addiction Therapies

    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Borderline personality disorder
    • Chronic impulsivity
    • Codependency
    • Depression
    • Emotional disturbance
    • Grief
    • Narcissistic personality disorder
    • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Self-esteem issues
    • Trauma/PTSD

    Evidence-Based Models for Drug Treatment 


    Silvermist is an ideal setting to be able to put life’s distractions on hold and fully explore your opportunity for inner growth and healing. Through a rich curriculum of research-based, individualized practices and client-centered thinking and philosophy, Silvermist allows you to discover your true potential.

    Our team of experienced, licensed clinicians works closely with each client to help identify negative attitudes, feelings and behaviors that have likely developed as a means of coping and replace them in ways that will lead to a more productive way of life.   

    The clinical program at our drug rehab facility employs multiple evidence-based models, such as: 

    Inpatient Drug Rehab Services

    Silvermist inpatient drug rehab takes a two-phase approach to helping young adults stabilize their addictive behaviors, understand the issues at the core of the addiction and provide a clear path to lifelong recovery in adulthood.

    Phase I: Evidence-Based Treatment

    During Phase I, a typical day at Silvermist might include group therapy, personal time for journaling or reflection, sober living skills classes and a yoga class or other recreational activity. In addition to evidence-based addiction treatment practices and modalities, we provide complementary holistic therapies designed to help heal mind, body and soul and encourage an overall healthy lifestyle, free of the influence of drugs and alcohol. Silvermist’s executive chefs will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in the residences’ fully-equipped kitchens and can accommodate all dietary restrictions.

    Other activities might include:

    • Process groups
    • 12-Step study and self-reflection
    • Experiential groups
    • Recreation time
    • Journaling

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    Phase II: Building Life Skills

    As you progress through treatment and build your foundation in recovery, the program evolves into a more moderate level of structure with a complementary life-skills focus. Phase II allows for an opportunity to build confidence in sobriety continuing to learn how to cope with life’s challenges free from alcohol or drug use. Some of the specific life skills we review include:

    Clients in Phase II meet with their therapists for a minimum of two sessions per week in addition to a schedule of group psychotherapy and holistic treatment. However, there are additional freedoms not afforded to clients in Phase I, including less group time and self-directed study time. These freedoms allow clients to begin to use the sober skills they have learned in treatment as they prepare for discharge from the program and a return home.

    Throughout the program, Silvermist staff focus on making sure each client is comfortable at our inpatient drug rehab. We want you to be able to find your own unique best path toward recovery with substance abuse treatment that works.

    Silvermist Aftercare Planning

    Research reveals that young adults are at greatest risk of relapse within 30 days post‐treatment, and that post‐treatment recovery support activities significantly reduce chances of relapse. For that reason, Silvermist offers extensive aftercare planning that involves a team of individuals dedicated to ensuring that all Silvermist clients transition to a trusted aftercare program that best meets their needs and maximizes their chance for long-term recovery.   

    Each Silvermist post-inpatient drug rehab aftercare treatment plan includes: 

    • A housing option
    • Intensive outpatient or outpatient follow-up care for all client needs
    • A psychiatrist (if needed)
    • A list of self-help meetings in the area where the client plans to live

    We urge all clients as well as their family members to take an active part in the aftercare planning process. Silvermist staff will continue to support your recovery via post-discharge follow up calls. These calls are conducted after 7, 30, 60 and 90 days.

    We encourage former clients to call Silvermist at (724) 481-1284 at any time if they need additional support, or just to check in.

    Finding your Path to Recovery

    Silvermist believes in the importance of ongoing fellowship in recovery, and in turn empowers clients to make an informed choice on what specific self-help path is right for them. Residents are encouraged to attend outside meetings during their stay and have the opportunity to participate in: 

    • AA
    • NA
    • Refuge Recovery
    • Celebrate or Faith Based Recovery
    • SMART recovery

    By encouraging participation in 12-Step and other fellowship meetings, we help you form a support network of like-minded individuals outside of the facility. Meetings can also teach coping tools and behavioral strategies necessary for our residents to successfully re-enter society while achieving their most important goal: long-term recovery.

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