Does Cigna Insurance Cover Drug Treatment?

Cigna Insurance Cover Drug Treatment_


CIGNA is one of the earliest providers of insurance within the United States. CIGNA has roots dating back to 1794, and as a provider of insurance for more for more than 200 years, the company began to focus on the development of health insurance policies in 1992. CIGNA insurance coverage can be found in more than 25 countries and the company covers more than 11 million people worldwide for health insurance needs, including addiction treatment.

The Different Health Insurance Plans by CIGNA

The Different Health Insurance Plans by CIGNA

CIGNA can be found in 25 different countries, and currently provides health insurance coverage for United States residents of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. There are many plans to choose from, and you will have to determine what type of coverage you need that will best fit your lifestyle. If you get your health insurance through work, talk with your human resources department to learn about the specifics of each CIGNA plan offered.

With a variety of plans available to you through work or through the health insurance marketplace, CIGNA will have a plan that works for your specific treatment needs. In general, the less expensive your monthly premium is, the less your insurance policy is going to cover for services. When you have significant medical needs and are taking a number of prescription medications, it will be worth investing in a plan that goes beyond the basic coverage. Look through your policy options carefully to determine which plan is right for you.

CIGNA provides plans that are labeled Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze plans are the more basic plans, providing you with the least amount of coverage. Platinum plans are the most expensive, but they also offer you the most comprehensive list of coverage you can purchase from CIGNA. If you purchase your insurance through the Marketplace it’s important to look over your policy carefully to know what you are getting.

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Health insurance plans offered to individuals and families must have some coverage for addiction treatment as established by the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (2). The level of coverage is not specific, and each plan can be different. Coverage for addiction services can be minimal, and you may discover that you don’t have the health insurance coverage you need to pay for the treatment you requires. Therefore, it’s vital to confirm coverage before enrolling in treatment.

Financing options

You can pay for addiction treatment in private facilities such as Silvermist Recovery through a combination of health insurance and private pay. There are financing options, and the cost of staying addicted to substances without treatment is much higher than treatment. When you are ready to get the addiction treatment you deserve, finances should not stand in your way. If you can afford a private facility with a combination of insurance and financing, you still have choices.

Public Treatment

Public treatment facilities can provide treatment for addiction, however, there are fewer amenities than at a private facility. You’ll still be treated with respect and get the care you need to begin the recovery process. Public facilities often have a waiting list, which can be detrimental if you need treatment immediately and have to wait. Private facilities generally don’t have much of a waiting list and tend to have a lower staff to client ratio in order to provide more individualized treatment.

The High Cost of Ignoring an Addiction

The High Cost of Ignoring an Addiction

Investing in yourself in order to get the addiction treatment you deserve to live a healthier life is a wise choice. If you continue to ignore your addiction, you will soon discover that your finances are going to suffer. It will be harder for you to maintain your job, and the money you spend on substances is going to increase. As you fall deeper into addiction, the risk of putting your life and the stability of your family will increase.

As the illness progresses, relationships tend to get strained, and finances become a major source of arguments. If you have an addiction and you need treatment, it’s time to take a chance and invest in your future. When you ignore the signs that an addiction is out of control, you are only going to make life more difficult for yourself.

Your CIGNA Plan and Services Covered

Your Cigna Plan and Services Covered

Your CIGNA plan will cover some level of addiction rehabilitation, but you’ll have to call customer service to learn more details. Each plan is different, and to plan for your treatment you will want to know exactly what you are responsible for when it comes to addiction treatment to prepare for payment. Before you enter treatment, understand what your insurance plan is going to cover so that you aren’t surprised by any fees you must pay while in recovery. CIGNA will cover addiction treatment, but you should learn the details by calling customer service.

Verifying Your Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Verifying Your Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

You can try reading over your health insurance policy to determine how much coverage you have for addiction services from your CIGNA health insurance plan. If you are confused, look at the back of your card for the customer service number. Call the number and speaking with an insurance specialist who will be able to discuss your specific insurance plan will be helpful. Have your insurance card ready so that you can provide policy information while talking on the phone. Plan to take notes and don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you have.

You will want to ask what level of coverage you have, what type of copayment you have if any, and how long you will be covered to stay at an addiction treatment facility. You will also want to ask if you have a yearly deductible and if addiction treatment goes towards this deductible or not. You may have to pay a percentage of your addiction treatment when you have a CIGNA health insurance plan.

Getting Ready for a Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Getting Ready for a Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Once you establish what your health insurance plan is going to cover, it’s important to know your options. A public facility won’t cost you anything if you are struggling financially, while a private facility will likely require payment. Look for a facility that has a strong reputation once you decide what you can afford for treatment. You can call treatment facilities to learn more about the insurances they take and any financing options available.

Facility Cost

How much a facility costs per day depends on a variety of things. The number of amenities at the facility, the staff, and how luxurious the facility is will all increase the cost. There are treatment programs that cater to celebrities, while also treatment programs designed for the average person trying to gain a better hold on their own addiction. If you are concerned about comfort and luxury, you’ll want to pay more for a private addiction treatment center.

Employee Rights

Once you decide how you are going to pay for your care, it’s time to prepare yourself to go to treatment. If you are working, you’ll want to request a family medical leave of absence. You have the right to receive addiction treatment without fear of getting fired because of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You choose whether you want to share your treatment information with your employer, and your job is guaranteed once you return. If you are worried about going to treatment because of your job, it’s important to talk with a counselor about the details of your case.


Talk with your immediate family members about your decision so that can further prepare to enter addiction treatment. When you admit that you have a problem, you may be surprised to see the number of people who support your decision to get help. Even if you are nervous about going to treatment, you are making the right decision for your own life.

Choosing Between Public and Private Addiction Treatment

Choosing Between Public and Private Addiction Treatment

There are times when finances give you no choice but to choose a public facility for addiction treatment. The facility will be able to provide you with care, but with few amenities. The waiting list for some public facilities can get long, and this can be a hurdle to getting treatment once you are ready to enter.

Private facilities are more comfortable, and you probably won’t have to wait to go to treatment at a private facility. You will also have more one on one time with staff in a private facility. When you can afford addiction treatment at a private facility, you will discover that it is more beneficial to you overall.

When it comes to treatment for addiction, you get what you pay for. If you can afford a stay at a private addiction treatment center, your needs will be more catered to. If you go to a public addiction treatment facility, you will get the tools you need to learn more about addiction and turn your life around. When it comes to comfort, a private facility is an environment that is usually more relaxing, discreet and can provide long-term results.