Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Drug Treatment?

Early Health Insurance

Early Health Insurance

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is an insurance provider in the United States that has roots starting as early as 1910 in the form of group services. Instead of paying for health care services each time the patient would go to the medical practice, patients were given access to any medical services they needed by paying a monthly fee to the provider. This allowed for people who had less money to receive the same level of care as those who were able to pay for a provider any time they needed. This type of coverage evolved in 1929 through a plan allowing people to pay in advance for a possible hospital stay.

An Evolving Coverage

In the 1950s, health insurance coverage for individuals living in the United States skyrocketed. With more than 70% of the citizens in the US getting coverage for health care services, Blue Cross Blue Shield was a primary insurance provider for many of the individuals and families seeking coverage. With extensive coverage options in every state of the US, including federal territories, Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to be a primary coverage provider for Americans looking for quality health care coverage. With plans available in the form of group coverage for employers and through the Marketplace, Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to provide access to health care services to individuals and families throughout the United States.

Health Plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield

Health Plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield

When you choose Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will need to visit the state website established for your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage. You will be able to purchase an insurance plan for coverage in your state, be it Pennsylvania or Ohio, and the coverage will follow you from state to state if you are a student and move temporarily. For individuals and families in North Carolina, the North Carolina state website for Blue Cross Blue Shield provides you with all the information you need to make an educated decision on what type of insurance coverage is available to you.

The Marketplace

Health insurance coverage can be purchased through the Marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act. Your employer can find plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield no matter how large the company. If your employer does not provide you with health insurance, you can buy your own insurance plan through the Marketplace. You can choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold plan offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield to help you get the best healthcare possible.

Bronze Plans

Bronze plans give you the flexibility of having a low premium each month while still having the coverage that you want. With a Bronze plan, you may have to pay 40% of the services you receive, depending on whether the service is deemed an essential service or not. With addiction treatment services, you may be able to get supervised detox or residential care without having to pay a co-payment. Contact customer service at Blue Cross Blue Shield to figure out what level of coverage you have for addiction services in your area.

Silver and Gold Plans

You can also decide to go with a Silver plan or Gold plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Gold plan provides the most coverage options, but this is going to cost you the most when it comes to a monthly premium. If you are an individual who can’t afford monthly premiums and you qualify for an insurance subsidy through the Marketplace because of the Affordable Care Act, you will be able to afford a plan that works for your specific coverage needs.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Coverage Deductible

Understanding Your Health Insurance Deductible

Some insurance plans come with a yearly deductible for a variety of healthcare needs. It’s helpful to know what your deductible is every year and to understand what services you will have to pay for until your deductible has been met. In general, plans that are less expensive are going to include a higher deductible that you will have to meet before the services you need are covered by insurance. Once your deductible has been met, a co-payment for services may go into effect. It’s important to determine if you are responsible for a percentage of payment for the overall services you receive.

Paying for Addiction Treatment When You Need It

According to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, all individuals who need addiction treatment need to have access to services to overcome an addiction. Addiction services are considered essential services, and every plan that is offered on the Marketplace must comply with the Affordable Care Act by providing coverage of some type for addiction services. You’ll need to find out how much coverage you have, as many plans only pay for specific types of addiction treatment.

Financing options

If you don’t have the coverage you need and want to go to addiction treatment, you still have options. You can finance your stay in a private addiction treatment facility and get high-quality treatment in a luxury atmosphere. Even if you don’t think you can afford private addiction treatment, you will probably be able to finance your stay in the facility of your choice. If you still don’t have the funds, you will qualify for addiction treatment in a public facility in the area.

When You Need Professional Help For Your Addiction

When You Need Professional Help for Your Addiction

Treatment for addiction will help you get your life back from drugs or alcohol. While you may feel as though you can’t afford addiction treatment, chances are high that you probably can’t afford to wait any longer for treatment. As you consider your treatment options, it’s important to figure out how to get the help you need in a way that is most affordable to you.

As you move along waiting for your addiction to get better, you are only going to make matters worse. Learn more about your financing options when it comes to addiction treatment and contact your insurance provider to find out exactly what your health insurance plan will cover. You deserve to heal from your addiction, but you have to determine what type of coverage you have in order to get the help you need. Your treatment plan can be tailored to meet your financial needs.

Preparing for an Addiction Treatment Program for Recovery

Preparing for an Addiction Treatment Program for Recovery

After talking with a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative to determine what your coverage is for addiction treatment, it’s time to find a treatment program that will provide you with the treatment you are seeking. Once you are able to determine how you are going to pay for your stay in a rehabilitation facility, it will become easier to figure out where you want to go to begin your journey of sobriety.

Public Vs. Private

Public vs Private

A Public Facility

When it comes to treatment, you have choices, even when you have no ability to pay for care. A public facility can be an affordable option and can even be free for those that qualify for treatment. Public facilities for addiction treatment will give you support without providing much in the way of amenities or comfort care.

Private Care

In a private facility, you will enjoy an excellent menu, and plenty of comfort measures. A private facility will have more options when it comes to treatment modalities as well. Most private facilities are focused on providing treatment using the most up to date strategies to combat addiction. You may be introduced to new strategies to prevent a relapse, such as meditation or yoga classes. In private treatment for addiction, you will find an environment that is more luxurious than in a public facility. You’ll get more attention from staff, as they are able to provide more direct care because the staff to resident ratio is lower.

If you go to a public facility for addiction treatment, you’ll still be able to recover from your addiction.

Employee Rights

If you are working, talk with your employer about a leave of absence. You do not need to tell them the details of your medical needs but should coordinate for your leave.

HIPPA Rights

Your stay at the facility can’t be shared with anyone due to HIPPA regulations. Any information regarding your health services is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act established in 1996. This act made it so your private information can’t be shared with anyone unless you give specific permission to do so. While you may be nervous about people finding out about your stay in an addiction treatment facility, your information can’t be shared with anyone unless you give permission for the sharing.

Job Protections

When you go for substance abuse treatment, your job is typically protected. You have the right to go for treatment for addiction without fear of consequences from your employer. This allows you to get the treatment you need and prepares you to become a more productive employee in the future.

There is Hope

There is Hope

As you consider your addiction treatment options, know that you deserve to heal from your addiction. Whether you choose a private facility or you have to go to a public facility for financial reasons, you will be able to get your life back from addiction. How you move through the recovery process depends on your level of commitment to your sobriety and your desire to start living a life free from addiction. No matter what kind of professional program you go to, you can get the recovery treatment you need to break free from your addiction. Once you remove toxic substances from your life, you will be able to move forward and live your best life in recovery.