Silvermist provides several modern amenities focused on ensuring the comfort and happiness of its residents.

Private and semi-private accommodations are available. Bedrooms are fully furnished and warmly decorated, and most have a television and a large closet; some bedrooms boast unique features such as fireplaces, oversized windows, and sitting nooks. Each room has its own personality, which allows clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, and provides the perfect setting for recovery.

The bathrooms feature large bath tubs and/or showers, luxury finishes, and tile floors.

Additional modern amenities at Silvermist include:

  • A heated swimming pool
  • A large movie theater room
  • A billiards table
  • A comfortable common recreation area with a large TV
  • An on-site fitness center
  • An infrared sauna
  • Outdoor recreation areas that encourage relaxation and reflection
  • A gourmet kitchen staffed by an expert chef and support staff

Access to services such as massage and acupuncture are available to Silvermist’s clients as well.

Feel free to reach out to our admissions experts at (724) 481-1284¬†with any inquiries about Silvermist’s amenities and services. To have a member of the Silvermist team contact you, fill out our online contact form.