At Silvermist, we believe that no two journeys through addiction are alike.

Any individual who finds themselves in the grasp of the chronic disease of drug or alcohol addiction brings an array of unique circumstances that span a lifetime.

Private Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible chance of long-lasting recovery through an individualized and modern approach to substance abuse treatment that works. We recognize the importance of assessing all aspects of an individual’s journey and developing a distinctive, person-centered recovery plan that addresses not only the dependency but the life occurrences that often perpetuate the course of addiction or inhibit positive change. Our qualified and discreet clinical staff have experience in many areas of addiction treatment and our two spacious residences, located in a private, rural area, offer a stunning countryside backdrop for recovery.

Because the journey to recovery differs from person to person, our luxury inpatient addiction treatment program includes a multitude of critical components that, in combination, offer an extremely effective and comprehensive private individualized addiction Treatment plans.

Our intake specialists are available to handle inquiries 24/7 at (724) 481-1284. We also invite you to fill out our online contact form if you’re interested in learning more.

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